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Medical abortions using RU486 are growing in popularity and continue to be the most widely given abortions in most states.  As our research has determined, searches for “abortion pill” were almost double the Google searches for abortion, abortion clinic or abortion costs in some regions.

PCS has been working with Culture for Life Family Services and their Abortion Pill Reversal team for about a year now, working on developing the Emergency Abortion Pill Reversal Kit available to pregnancy centers throughout the US.

There are three ways your Pregnancy Center can be involved.

  • 1.

    Educate your volunteers/staff and partner with a local prolife doctor or OB/GYN.  The doctor joins APR and follows the protocol to save the baby.  The pregnancy center simply refers women to the physician’s office when an emergency reversal request comes your way.

  • 2.

    Your Medical Director writes a standing order to follow the protocol, your nurse administers the first three days of the emergency progesterone, and then you refer to a prolife doctor or OB/GYN for the remainder of the treatments during her 1st trimester.  The woman continues with a doctor for prenatal care.

  • 3.

    Your Medical Director writes standing orders to follow the protocol and your nurse administers the emergency progesterone and the weekly injections until the end of the first trimester.  The center does a normal referral for prenatal care.

We are so thankful that the 100th baby was just saved in May (2015) and APR is well on its way of enrolling 250 physicians and pregnancy centers across the country.  The kit provides your center with a great deal of information; so it is natural for you, your medical director and board to have questions regarding the protocol, liability insurance and other factors or obstacles to joining APR.

By joining the program, your center can be there for a woman who has regretted her decision to take RU486 by acting quickly and being prepared for her call.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sara Littlefield
APR Coordinator, Pregnancy Centers

More Information

Provider Webinars
Order a Kit – 704.665.7572

24 Hour Emergency Hotline

If you have a client that has taken RU486 and regrets that decision, you can contact the Emergency Hotline in order to find a provider near your center.