The Fight is Just Beginning

On April 1st, women’s bathrooms in Charlotte will be open to men. Businesses that provide their artistry for weddings will be targets for same-sex couples seeking to punish those who do not share their extreme views. Businesses who have contracts with the City of Charlotte will be waking up to find that, unless they adopt social engineering in their employment policies, their contracts can be rescinded and they will be blacklisted by the City…

Those who resist this onerous new law will be fined and possibly jailed. They could lose their businesses.

Seems like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

It is absurd for a City government to impose on its citizens laws that harm their safety and well-being and impose burdensome, business-crushing regulations. In fact, it’s unconstitutional. Cities have been delegated authority from the State to protect the health and safety of their citizens, not to endanger their health and safety. And yet, that is exactly what Charlotte did on Monday night.

The first woman who is raped in a public bathroom in Charlotte should sue Mayor Jennifer Roberts and every member of the Charlotte City Council who voted for the LGBT favorability and transgender bathroom ordinance. Because this ordinance provides legal cover for any man to hang out in a woman’s bathroom, shower, or locker room for any reason.

We put up quite a fight in Charlotte, working as hard as we’ve ever worked to stop the radical LGBT agenda. We launched “Don’t Do It Charlotte”, which gathered 21,558 signatures on our petition and generated over 250,000 emails to the City Council. We ran radio ads in Charlotte, produced a video that ran on social media outlets, and worked with our allies against the ordinance. We also organized the rally before the City Council meeting, where almost 1,000 people stood in freezing cold rain and wind for over an hour, listening to 14 experts on the ordinance and its grave consequences. Our Don’t Do It Charlotte signs could be seen all over the City Council chamber Monday night and on every television broadcast. And yet, all of our efforts did not produce a victory. In the end, Mayor Jennifer and 7 members of the Charlotte City Council voted to defy the public outcry and adopt the ordinance that favors a small radical minority who are dedicated to imposing their sexual deviance on all of us.

And now, we are facing this same battle in the State legislature. We are thankful that Governor McCrory, House Speaker Tim Moore, and several other legislators pledged to stop Charlotte and make sure other cities don’t follow suit. But, this will still be a battle! Because the enemy we face is the Prince of Darkness, and he will stop at nothing to make sure legislators are confused, bullied, and threatened in order to persuade them to vote for the radical LGBT agenda.

We cannot go into this battle without your help! It takes resources to wage war on these extreme ideas like Charlotte passed on Monday night. We need your help! And we are asking each one of you to make a donation right now while we are gearing up for our fight in the legislature.

Your donation today of $25, $50, $100, $150, $250, or $500 will help us continue the fight in a venue where we have a real possibility of winning, unlike the Charlotte City Council.

Please, will you help us today?

Remember, those who make a pledge to donate $1,500 in a calendar year will be in our special NC Values Ambassadors’ club, where you’ll be invited to participate in special events throughout the year.

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