redFONT Marketing is a full-service advertising and public relations agency providing consultative services for your marketing efforts and execution across all broadcast, print, social media and online advertising. We work with clients on a project or contract basis. No project is too small and, of course, none is too big. We employ a staff of marketing veterans and creative millennials to craft a message that will connect with your target audience. It makes for a combination that you can trust with your marketing dollars.

Many of our clients are mid-sized organizations that are not quite large enough to employ an in-house marketing department. redFONT assumes the role of the marketing department and proactively works to build our client’s business. These types of relationships work very well, as our clients get a multi-skilled marketing team for about what it would cost to employ a marketing director.

What We Offer

Marketing Strategy

Your business or nonprofit may need assistance in laying out a strategy for your brand. redFONT will meet with you to gather an understanding of your culture, opportunities and challenges. Our team will then work alongside you to develop a functional and useful marketing & communication plan to achieve your goals.

Marketing Execution

Once your organization or company has a communication plan in place, redFONT Marketing’s team will implement the strategies you have developed. Having trouble with the plan? We can help with that too.


The ads we create at redFONT are designed to interrupt a busy, media-cluttered lifestyle. We subscribe to the opinion that word of mouth advertising is still the best form of advertising. With that in mind, we create ads that go further than the media they appear in. We develop ads that generate buzz.

Website Development

Yes, we build websites. More accurately, we develop websites. What’s the difference? Our websites are developed with measurement in mind. We make sure that you are able to evaluate your investment and know exactly what it is doing for your business.

Public Relations

So you want some “ink”? We can help you formulate a media pitch that will capture the attention of national, regional or local media. We have a public relations team that has powerful members of the media on speed dial. And when we call . . . they listen, because we have developed relationships of mutual respect.

Event Production

Events, like meetings, fundraisers, and tradeshows, can be a logistical nightmare. Not so for the experienced event management and marketing team at redFONT. We know how to get things done.

Social Media Management

This is a quickly growing segment of our agency. Reputation management via social media has become vitally important to organizations of all sizes. We develop editorial calendars for a systematic approach to your posts and we have a tool for monitoring what others say about you.